The Modern yet Cold Interior Design for Apartment

As we have understood that both exterior yet interior design of a home are completely important. For the comfort while doing the activities inside, I think that the interior design plays a significant role. The interior design by J. Bozhinovski that brings the theme of Ultra-Modern ambience for an apartment interior design gives me a lot of ideas on designing my apartment interior. I saw his design which is completely simple and really modern.

The modern style is seen on the choice of the furniture design and color. I saw the combination of both black and white without any bright and colorful combination inside. The atmosphere which wants to be build from the design is not only modern but also simple yet cold. That is why I did not see any warm tone to be applied there. There are only black and white which complete its minimalist style .






I realized some materials which are used by him, such as fibreglasses, glasses, stones, and many others. Those materials give the shiny sleek finish which gives the touch of futuristic and modern. The furniture which is chosen by the interior designer is also simple and minimalist. I also saw no complicated details there. I am just in love with all those concepts which are suitable for an apartment interior, what do you think then?

Modern yet Cold Interior Design Gallery


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