Real estate agent and contractor – who can increase the home value the most?

Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew, one real estate agent and the other a licensed contractor are going against each other in HGTV’s newest home renovation battle Brother Vs. Brother. The brothers (and their teams) goal is to do better than the other one, to increase the home value the most. The show features real homes and the teams will have realistic budgets that they can use to renovate the home.

They will be judged by HGTV’s real estate stars and by the end of the show, the winning team, or what’s left of it, goes home with $50 000.

If you’re a home renovation junkie and can’t stay away from anything that can give you great home renovation ideas as well as the option to see identical brothers go against each other in a head-to-head competition for the ultimate bragging rights, Brother vs. Brother is the show for you. It premieres on Sunday, July 21, 10pm ET/PT.

In addition to judges also viewers are invited to vote for their favorite team, #TeamDrew or #TeamJonathan via

“Brother vs. Brother taps into Jonathan and Drew’s friendly sibling rivalry and gives them a chance to embrace their natural competitive streak in this winner-take-all competition,” said Kathleen Finch, general manager of HGTV and DIY Network.

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

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