Private Field Location Provides Comfortable House

The house is a place where you and your family spend quality time such as resting, playing, and relaxing. So, planed house will provide the best chance to support those activities. Obviously, there are many plans that you must concern about even after you hire an architect. The first is the location of the house which will be the fundamental idea regarding keeping your family safety and comfort. One of many best places is the private house yard area. This place will give you and your family safety because this isolated land will protect your family from noise pollution and bad people as well. Of course, you must prepare some addition guarding such as CCTV, security, and maybe watch dog.

For the house design, you may try to make as simple as possible. The aim is to make you comfortable and it does not require many ornaments and furniture. When you have an area of 6028 square feet for example, you can divide into two main rooms and one grounded storey which can be used as a storehouse. And in the deepest storey, you can use it to keep your best wines. All of the walls must be made of brick because this material will give cool atmosphere and protect you from heated condition. As the frame, you can use solid-cast such as steel which will support entire building. The roofs can use single piece and the maximum slope is about 12 angle degrees.






In the top house level, you can add some relaxing place such as sunbathing and picnic place which is located in the middle of house wing buildings. The two main rooms also can be used to build recessed function, for example, in one of two main rooms, you can build a recessed balcony which is connected to a closet. You can cover this closet from rainfall or other things by using glass shed which is framed by solid metal frame. For the outflow, you can make it from thin stainless or PVC pipe which is raised above to the top and then slope against the house space in order to give aesthetic panorama.

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