Dream Home in Quiet Neighborhood

Everyone wants to make true of their dream home. Home is not just a building, but it comes with the heart and feelings. For me, a dream home is the one that is warm, peaceful and comfortable for my whole family. I like having people around in my house, so I always wanted a house that’s also open and inviting.

Luckily, I have an old friend who happens to be a reputable architect. He agreed to help me making my dream home come true. I told him what I wanted in my house specifically so that he would work based on my guidelines. There was a big space located in a quiet neighborhood that I’ve always loved, so I thought I could turn it into a home, and the architect himself thought it’s a good idea.






Last month, the project was done and I was very satisfied with the result. My dream home is now not a dream anymore. It’s a two-floor house and very spacious. If you come to my house, you’ll be greeted by double-height courtyard that is so peaceful and quiet. There’s a lot of open space for a good air circulation. Also, a lot of skylights make my home lit naturally. I think a dream home is the one that welcomes everybody. What do you think?

Here’s 15 photos for Dream Home in Quiet Neighborhood :

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