Converted Barn in the Cotswolds: a Perfect Countryside House

Built in the 18th century, this house is actually a barn before but it is renovated by Julia Uttely in 2007. She bought the barn in 2004 and it was derelict but still in good shape. I think you never see such beautiful archaic house until you find this converted barn. Located in Gloucestershire, England, you will feel the natural environment surround the barn. The house is bordered by Cotswolds village and hills and it makes the house has rustic charm.

The location of this converted barn is not easy to reach and people rarely by chance pass the street in front of the house. However, it is placed in the loveliest part of the Cotswolds. The total width of the house is 9,700 square feet and it is quite large for a family to live in. The owner makes this ex-barn still in its actual shape without change the sense of the barn. She uses natural materials to renovate the barn that does not have much roof left before. Stones and glasses are the example of materials that dominate the house. The house is designed with open concept so there are not much borders between rooms.






When you take the first step in front of the house, you will see a wooden gate with a medium brick wall surrounding the house. The front and back yard are quite spacious so you can do many activities there. Numerous windows are installed either in front or backside of the barn so the light can through well inside and make every part of the house is bright. Inside the house, you will see a mixture of classic and modern design in every room. The brick wall is combined with white wall make the nuance so simple yet attractive. The furniture is also mostly in white, black, or gray so it perfectly matches with the whole concept.

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